Lovely niponic tattoos

My lineage is great!

Once again from Flickr, this time by /tattooharizanmai:

I thought it was worth a little research. Gakkin and Gotch are the responsible artists for the pieces that can be seen in Haizanmai Studio, in Kyoto, Japan.

Among a lot of oriental tattoos that escape a little from the clichés spread all around the world (carps, onis, sakuras…) witch I like a lot, are images of characters from Japanese mythology; some cute stuff (well represented in this Gakkin’s gallery), and some not that cute, like this fat geisha riding on a ejaculating red squid…

Yamabushi Takano

Leia em português.

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  1. […] Lovely niponic tattoos […]

  2. Thank youuuuuuuu!!!!

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